2024 RBI Arts Festival

Join us on this enlightening journey, where art transcends borders, ignites imaginations, and weaves together the threads of past, present, and future.

Royal Bafokeng Institute Presents: The 2024 Arts Festival

Amidst the golden hues of the African sun and the vast horizon that bears witness to the continent's rich history, Royal Bafokeng Institute announces its grand endeavor: The 2023 Arts Festival. This monumental celebration of art, culture, and talent promises to be an unprecedented extravaganza that embodies the very essence of Africa’s vibrant artistic spirit.


1 December

Live theatre performance

2 December

Film screening
Art exhibition

3 December

Gala dinner
Art Auction

attendees anticipated
young artists participating
art mentors
schools participating

Why join Unearthing Raw Talent

The core philosophy of the Royal Bafokeng Institute has always been to identify, nurture, and celebrate innate talent. This festival is no different. Our focus is on the untapped potential of young artists, the dreamers who paint stories with their imagination, the poets who weave emotions with words, and the dancers who tell tales with their every move.


RBI mentors guide emerging artists with experience, knowledge, and unparalleled opportunities.


A celebration of raw talent, passion, and the indomitable spirit of creativity.


A deep dive into the day-to-day schedule, revealing a fusion of performances and interactive sessions across all our artistic categories.

Arts Festival Categories

The festival will cater to a vast array of art forms:

Visual Arts

Painters, sculptors, and other visual artists.


The spoken word will echo with emotions.


The stage will shimmer with creative fashion pieces.


Dramatic performances will transport viewers


Melodies that tug at heartstrings.


Traditional African dances to contemporary.


A showcase of short films and documentaries.

A celebration of raw talent

Born from the vision of the Royal Bafokeng Institute, our festival is an embodiment of our commitment to young people and the arts.


A Canvas of Dreams

This year's festival is a culmination of dreams, aspirations, and the unwavering passion of young artists.

Mentors Shaping the futures of emerging artists

Through their guidance, the next generation of artists gains the confidence, knowledge, and opportunities to shine brightly in their respective fields.

Refentse Mokale

Jewellery Designer and Visual Artist

Poppi Sibiya

Assistant Creative Director

Omphile Rapoo

Film Director

Sponsors The Pillars of the 2023 Arts Festival

Behind the grandeur and success of the Royal Bafokeng Institute's 2023 Arts Festival stand our esteemed sponsors. These visionary entities, much more than financial backers, are the silent champions of art, culture, and budding talent. They share our belief in the transformative power of art and the importance of nurturing the next generation of artists.

Platinum Sponsors

Blog Let the art revolution begin!

Join the Royal Bafokeng Institute in this mesmerizing journey of art, passion, and inspiration at the 2023 Arts Festival.


Countdown to Creativity: The

As the first hints of dawn break, there's a palpable

hurry up! The 2023 Arts Festival is more than just a showcase

Young artists will be given the opportunity to attend workshops, masterclasses, and mentorship sessions with established names in the industry.