About the Art Festival The Royal Bafokeng Institute

is thrilled to announce an upcoming three-day art festival set to take place from December 1st to December 3rd. This event promises to be a vibrant celebration of creativity and talent, featuring the enthusiastic participation of high school learners and out-of-school youth.



1 - 3 December, 2023


Lebone II College

young artists
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Our legacy Rich and diverse program

Each day of the festival will cast a spotlight on a different art form, offering a rich and diverse program. The first day will be an enthralling live theatre production, aptly titled "Moitoi." High school learners will take the stage, showcasing their acting and storytelling prowess, leaving the audience captivated by their performances


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On the second day, the festival turns to the world of cinema with a film festival showcasing a series of compelling short films. These films, produced and acted out by high school learners, will not only entertain but also provide a glimpse into the budding talent of these young artists. Simultaneously, an art exhibition will be unveiled, featuring a stunning collection of artwork created by both high school learners and out-of-school youth. This dual celebration of visual and cinematic art serves as an excellent opportunity to explore the creative skills of the local youth community.

The festival will culminate on the third day with an art auction, where attendees can acquire the remarkable pieces from the exhibition. This event not only promotes the young artists but also provides a chance for art enthusiasts to own a piece of their work.

Our Mission

Our mission extends beyond just a showcase of talent. We aim to nurture, inspire, and pave a path for these artists to soar higher. Through workshops, masterclasses, and interactive sessions with established names in the industry, we hope to equip the next generation with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to take their art to the global stage.

Community & Collaboration

The Royal Bafokeng Institute's 2023 Arts Festival is more than an event; it's a community. It's a space where artists collaborate, where ideas merge, and where innovation in art is born. We invite artists, enthusiasts, and patrons alike to come together, celebrate the arts, and be part of this incredible journey.

Join us Foster unity and collaboration

Moreover, the Royal Bafokeng Institute's art festival aims to foster unity and collaboration among local schools, including Kitsong Independent School, Lebone II College, Keledi High School, Bafokeng High School, and Matale Secondary School. By bringing these educational institutions together, the festival not only showcases the creative talents of the learners but also strengthens community bonds.

In addition to being a celebration of art, this festival has a broader mission: to support and enhance the community at large. It serves as a platform for young artists to shine, fosters creativity, and promotes collaboration while providing a source of inspiration and entertainment for everyone in attendance. The Royal Bafokeng Institute's art festival is not just a local event; it's a celebration of culture and community spirit, and it promises to leave a lasting impact on all who participate.

Mentors Their story

Through their guidance, the next generation of artists gains the confidence, knowledge, and opportunities to shine brightly in their respective fields.

Gallery A Visual Journey Through Artistic Excellence

Dive into the heart of the Royal Bafokeng Institute's 2023 Arts Festival with our curated gallery. Here, moments are captured, stories are told, and the essence of creativity is vividly displayed. From the delicate brushstrokes of our visual artists to the dynamic movements of our dancers, each image invites you to relive the festival's magic. Explore, reminisce, and get inspired as you journey through this visual testament to talent and passion. Welcome to the soul of our festival.

hurry up! The 2023 Arts Festival is more than just a showcase

Young artists will be given the opportunity to attend workshops, masterclasses, and mentorship sessions with established names in the industry.