Category Poetry

Poetry – the age-old art form that effortlessly melds emotion, thought, and rhythm into a symphony of words.


Category Poetry

The Royal Bafokeng Institute's 2023 Arts Festival is honored to present a spotlight on Poetry, showcasing the raw power and beauty of the spoken and written word.


Interactive Dialogues

Engage in heart-to-heart conversations with celebrated poets, discussing the inspirations, processes, and challenges of the poetic world. These dialogues foster deeper connections between poets and their audience, bridging gaps and building community.


An Ode to the Human Spirit

The RBI Arts Festival beckons you to immerse yourself in the world of Poetry. Whether you're a seasoned poet, a budding writer, or someone who finds solace in verses, there's a poetic experience waiting here for you. Join us in celebrating the voices that echo human experiences, dreams, and aspirations.

Poetry Mentors