Program Charting the Rhythms of the 2023 Arts Festival

Welcome to the heart of our festival's journey - the Program. As the days unfold, the Royal Bafokeng Institute's 2023 Arts Festival promises a tapestry of experiences, with each event meticulously curated to capture the essence of artistic passion. Our program is designed not just as a showcase of talent, but as a voyage of discovery, inspiration, and celebration.


R25 per day

Ticket Outlets: Kitsong Independent School, Lebone II College, Keladi High School, Matale Secondary School, Bafokeng High School, and Quicket.

Per Person
17:30 PM


Location - Lebone II College School Hall

Doors open & welcome reception

Opening remarks by MC


A warm welcome from RBI CEO, Rre Enki Pitsoe

Live performance of drumming, poetry and music infusion

Live performance of a musical, Moitoi. Creative Director: Marcia Modise

Synopsis: Moitoi. Moitoi - the one who bewitched herself - tells the story of a beautiful girl who, through trials and tribulations, forgets her spiritual gifts.
Her army of ancestors sends her help through Masana – her most powerful and greatest ancestor. Masana transports her to the ancestral plain, where
she remembers the power inside her. The story is told through energetic contemporary African music and poetry. Audiences should expect to be impressed by the captivating costumes, jewellery and art pieces made by
local creators that form the backdrop for this beautiful production.

Intrduction of cast and crew

MC Closes the theatre evening and announces programme for the rest of the festival

11:00 AM


Location - Lebone II College Auditorium

Opening & Welcome by Sope Maithufi


Film Screenings

10 minutes with the refugee
Find me by the river

Panel discussion chaired by Sope Maithufi


Location - Lebone II College Auditorium

Introduction of next set of films by Omphile Rapoo

Location - Lebone II College Auditorium

Film Screenings

Farm files
Reflections in my footprints
The inner voice

Panel discussion chaired by Ompile Rapoo

Poetry item by Irish Dinokana

Closing by Sope Maithufi

About RBI Arts Festival and Introduction of the festival journey catalogue by Sope Maithufi

16:00 PM

ART OF INCLUSION – CLOSING DAY Art Exhibition tickets: R25 | Gala dinner and auction tickets: R750

Location - Lebone II College School Hall

17:00 PM - 17:15 PM

Opening remarks by MC - Tumi Sefemo

17:15 PM - 17:20 PM


17:20 PM - 17:40 PM

Key not address by RBI CEO, Rre Enki Pitsoe

17:40 PM - 17:55 PM

Musical item

17:55 PM - 18:10 PM

Counsel from our Traditional Authority

18:10 PM - 18:30 PM

Guest performer - Selaelo Selota

18:30 PM - 19:15 PM


19:15 PM - 19:45 PM

Screening of the Art Festival Journey Film

19:45 PM - 19:55 PM

Item: Performance across Genre

19:55 PM - 20:55 PM

Art Auction

20:55 PM - 21:20 PM

Awarding of certificates to learners

21:20 PM - 21:25 PM

Closing Remarks and Vote of thanks by Traditional Authority

hurry up! The 2023 Arts Festival is more than just a showcase

Young artists will be given the opportunity to attend workshops, masterclasses, and mentorship sessions with established names in the industry.