Refentse Mokale

Jewellery Designer and Visual Artist

Refentse “Fentse” Mokale is a jewellery designer, a multidisciplinary artist and a creative consultant born and raised in Phokeng. She runs a brand of artwork and accessories which she officially founded in 2015. What started off as a hobby, grew into Marabou Essentials, which is a passion-fuelled brand of creative design workshops, jewellery and artwork that connects the authenticity of traditional African aesthetics with a modern urban culture and an artistic flair. Fentse uses her work to celebrate the freedom for individuality as well as the artistry in fashion and design. Her art work and jewellery are inspired by the African aesthetic- the prominence of daring colours, the distinctiveness of bold prints and the inventiveness of intricate patterns. The designs are influenced by clean lines, bold shapes and elegant curves.

She teaches creative entrepreneurship through showcasing ways in which people can create, market and sell the products they make in order to sustain themselves. She works with individuals, groups and organizations that want to empower their people through creativity and entrepreneurship.

She has found her calling as a creative business consultant where she is also a speaker on various topics related to creative entrepreneurship. She also serves as a mentor to small business owners in the creative field. Recognizing the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in navigating the intricacies of running a creative business, she provides guidance, support, and personalized advice to help them overcome obstacles, identify growth opportunities, and foster sustainable success.

Beyond her consultancy work, she proudly holds the position of Chairperson at House of Khape Creative Hub, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting creatives and creative entrepreneurs. In this leadership role, she works alongside a dedicated team to provide resources, mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and educational initiatives that foster growth, collaboration, and community engagement within the creative industry.