Ofentse Irish Dinokana


Ofentse Irish Dinokana is a black South African female with no form of disability nor a criminal record. She is not married. She is a hard worker and computer literate in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and photoshop. She is a young woman who is keen to learn and is capable to work both individually and in a team. She can communicate effectively in a higher level, speaking fluently two languages, English and Setswana. She can also understand Sotho, IsiZulu and Sepedi.

Ofentse is a talented individual. She is a poet, a musician, published author, a photographer, a model, actress and a content creator. She has also registered a company called Rora Kgosigadi Group (pty).LTD. The company specializes in photography, videography,
Graphic design, Jewellery design and performing arts. Her long term goal is to build an art Gallery of which will accommodate both visual and performing arts.